Mission, Vision & Values

Vision Statement

The Baptist College of Theology, Lagos is an evangelical, spiritual formation institution offering theological education and ministerial training of global quality and contemporary relevance.

Mission Statement

The task of the Baptist College of Theology, Lagos is to train and equip mission-minded gospel ministers (pastors, educators, musicians, evangelists, missionaries) and other church workers that are spiritually dynamic, biblically sound, ministerially competent, academically excellent, morally robust and denominationally responsible.

Philosophy/Core Values

The curriculum of higher Christian education that is offered by the Baptist College of Theology, Lagos is based on the following philosophical foundations: God-centeredness, Bible-base, and life-application.

Core Values

  • Uprightness and Godliness,
  • Faithfulness to biblical revelation,
  • Commitment to the gospel and Christian missions,
  • Passion for academic excellence,
  • Contemporary and contextual relevance.


  1. To promote and deepen the uprightness and godliness (Titus 2:12) of members of the College Community through spiritual formation activities and demonstrate the same in positive attitudes, values and services.
  2. To make available to Baptists and other Christians theological education that is bible- based, of international standards and relevance in the African context.
  3. To train and equip gospel ministers such as pastors, religious educators, musicians, evangelists and missionaries.
  4. To involve students in the practical study of mission, evangelism, discipleship, church planting/renewal/growth and social ministry.
  5. To help students to cultivate and excel in ministerial skills and competence for effective caring, leadership, relationship and communication.
  6. To develop in students critical thinking and ability to conduct and report research for the transformation of individuals and the society.
  7. To offer programmes that will undergird the work of God’s Kingdom carried out by Lagos Baptist Conferences and the Nigerian Baptist Convention.