General Studies Department

The purpose of the Department is to broaden the scope and skills offered to students in their particular areas of specialization. The Department offers courses in general studies like some languages (English, French, Yoruba), Law, Accounting, Computer—Information/Communication Technology) and Book Keeping.

Objective of the Department

1 To help aid and contribute to spiritual formation and transformation of students through involvement in the study of devotionals and practical enrichment activities like worship, prayer, fasting and discipleship.
2 To expose students to the fundamentals of communication in some languages (like French) and to develop competence in others (like English and Yoruba) for more effective gospel ministry.
3 Law
4 Book Keeping/Accounting
6 To lead students in the integration of biblical, theological, historical, mission, educational and music studies to enhance Christian living and ministry, especially in the African context.

General Studies Courses

English Language
Introduction to ICT.
Book Keeping/Accounting