Department of Theology

The purpose of the studies provided by the Department is to prepare those who will serve in the gospel ministry especially as pastors. It also prepare people for other specialized ministries such as education, missions, evangelism in churches, educational institutions, Christian organizations and denominational work. The Department offers courses in biblical studies, systematic/practical theologies, philosophy and ethics. Students of the Department are also required to take some courses in church history, mission, education and music/worship.

Objectives of the Department

1 To help aid and contribute to spiritual formation and transformation of students through involvement in the study of devotionals and practical enrichment activities like worship, prayer, fasting and discipleship.
2 To expose students to and equip them with knowledge and skills for better understanding, interpretation and application of the biblical revelation.
3 To help students to understand the doctrinal themes of the church including their critical evaluation.
4 To lead students in the study of the history and mission of the church.
5 To help students to develop logical and critical ability especially to make godly moral choices.
6 To expose students to principles and practices of teaching, education, leadership, administration and stewardship.
7 To develop and further equip students in competencies in ministerial skills like pastoral care/counseling and preaching.
8 To introduce students to the fundamentals and history of church music and its use in worship and evangelism.
9 To lead students in the integration of biblical, theological, historical, mission, educational and music studies to enhance Christian living and ministry, especially in the African context.