Department Of Religious Education

The purpose of the Department of Religious Education is to train people for educational ministries in churches, institutions, organizations and denominational work. Courses offered by the department include religious education, research methodology, leadership, administration, curriculum studies and teaching. Religious education students also take courses in biblical studies, theology, history, ethics, and music/worship.

Objectives of the Department

1 To help aid and contribute to spiritual formation and transformation of students through involvement in the study of devotionals and practical enrichment activities like worship, prayer, fasting and discipleship.
2 To train students to be able to apply the principles of Christian education in response to the needs of the congregation in the African church.
3 To guide students how to go about establishing, maintaining, evaluating and/or adapting a balance total Christian education ministries for all age-groups of a church and its community.
4 To introduce students to research methodology.
5 To involve students in the study of principles and practice that will help them to become competent leaders and administrators.
6 To teach basic biblical doctrinal and theological foundations of Christian education. This will inform the philosophy, curriculum and approaches adopted by Christian educator in meeting the needs of church members.
7 To train students to be able to apply the principles and methods of teaching through theories propounded by some educational philosophers which relates to teachers in the planning, teaching and learning processes both in the school and church related ministries.
8 To expose students to other courses like biblical studies, theology, history, ethics and music/worship to enhance their competence in religious education ministries.
9 To guide students in the studies of the foundations and utilization of curriculum materials and instructional media.
10 To lead students in the integration of biblical, theological, historical, mission, educational and music studies to enhance Christian living and ministry, especially in the African context.